A television series pilot

By Daniel Alexander



After a doting husband (Joseph) loses his wife on a commercial airplane that went missing over the Atlantic, he holds on to the hope that she may still be alive despite the odds being stacked against him. Things take a strange turn when passengers from the missing plane begin to show up inexplicably and Joseph is confronted with information that will change his world forever. Inertia is a mystery drama that is filled with twists and turns that will keep you clinging to the edge of your seat. 


The Pilot / Sizzle Reel

In order to convey the tone and world that Inertia lives in, we are producing a short pilot/sizzle reel that introduces you to the main characters and plot. This pilot will then be presented to a number of television networks and platforms with the hope of securing a deal to produce this into a complete television series. 



Due to the nature of creating a self funded pilot, this is not one of our usual paid castings. We're looking for people to join us on a 1-2 day shoot and be part of a fun creative team. Ideally, we would love to work with some new people and use this as a chance to help emerging creatives use this as a way to gain further experience on a film set and additionally for actors to have a slick and stylish production to add to their showreel, but ultimately for people to just get involved in something fun and flex their creative muscles and film in some very cool locations. Of course food and travel will be provided.    

Filming will take place locally in Birmingham. 

If any of the roles below are of interest, please drop us a line at 


(Please attach a link to your showreel when emailing)

Male: 30’s/40’s - Lead Role - Distressed husband, determined to find missing wife

Female: 30’s/40’s - Lead Role - Confident, accomplished business woman

Male: 20’s-50’s - Supporting Role - Bartender

Extras: Bar Sequence



1st AD

Sound Recordist 

Production Assistants

BTS Stills/Video

Make Up Artist 

We look forward to hearing from you soon, please make all communication via