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Cast & Crew Call 

Daniel Alexander Films x Chilling


After the global viral success with the trailer for 'GALE - Stay Away From Oz', seeing millions of views across Youtube and social media and featured on all of the major horror platforms worldwide, we are excited to announce that the feature film version has now been green lit and will go into production later this year.

Gale - Yellow Brick Road is a psychological horror film, based on the classic Wizard of Oz.


Long gone are the days of emerald cities and yellow brick roads. In this dark re-imagining of the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy Gale is now an elderly woman, broken by years of paranormal entanglement with a mystical realm, which has now echoed down to her only living relative, Emily, who is being called to settle unfinished business in this terrifying world of Oz.



We're currently casting PAID roles for our upcoming film production shooting in September/October 2024 across the Midlands, UK. Production details will be confirmed shortly.

We have several casting rounds planned between now and June, so expect exciting new roles to be announced! As always, our mailing list gets first access. Sign up for casting updates: 

If any of the currently available roles spark your interest, please submit your showreel/details via email to

Due to the volume of applications, we can't respond individually. However, we review every submission and will reach out to those who fit the roles.

Keep an eye on your spam/junk folder for future correspondence.


Female (20s-50s) - Significant Supporting Role (Ethnicity: Open) Accent: Non-specified

This character is a complex woman shrouded in a past she desperately tries to outrun. A fierce loyalty burns within her, fueling her relentless mission to protect her newfound friend. This is her chance at redemption, a chance to bury the secrets that bind her.

Beneath a rough exterior, hardened by past trauma, lies a flicker of warmth yearning to be rekindled. She possesses a hidden power she never knew she had, a dormant strength that will be unleashed as events spiral out of control. However, wielding this power comes with dire consequences, testing her newfound purpose and forcing her to confront the ghosts of her past.

Male (30s-50s) - Significant Supporting Role (Ethnicity: Open) - American Accent

A man forged in the fires of captivity, carries the weight of stolen years on his weary shoulders. Bitterness simmers within him, fueled by the injustice of his confinement. Yet, newfound freedom presents a stark choice: vengeance or a higher purpose. The scars of his ordeal run deeper than flesh - years of isolation have warped his reality.


Unsure of what is true and who he truly is, he grapples with an identity stripped away. Haunted by the echoes of his imprisonment and bound to a perilous past, he embarks on a desperate journey to reconcile a fractured perception of the world and reclaim the man he might have been.

Creatures (Ageless) - Supporting Roles (Ethnicity: Open) - Accent: Non-Specified

These aren't mere beings; they're living testaments to a forgotten power. Once human-like, they now inhabit a crumbling castle, their forms warped by an ancient magic that binds them as tormented guardians. Millennia of servitude have twisted their souls, transforming them into grotesque parodies of their former selves. Any unfortunate soul who dares enter the castle walls faces their wrath, a chilling reminder of the power that imprisons them.

Join Our Crew

As with all our productions, we're passionate about offering opportunities to new and emerging filmmakers! We have a core crew assembled for our upcoming film, but we're seeking passionate newcomers to join us for paid shadowing and trainee roles in various filmmaking disciplines.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from industry professionals and gain valuable on-set experience. 

If you have a passion for filmmaking and want to be part of the production, please email us using the link below: 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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