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Casting Call

A short film by

Daniel Alexander Films


Amidst the flurry of exciting projects we are in development for at Daniel Alexander Films, we've carved out a space for a bit of seasonal fun. In the spirit of the current Halloween season, we're gearing up to shoot a spine-chilling 10-minute horror short set in the heart of Birmingham. We're currently seeking talented actors for this two-day shoot. All roles are compensated, and the film is slated for release within the year.

Please note, due to the project's specific requirements, we can only consider submissions from actors who currently live in the Midlands or have a local base that won't necessitate additional travel expenses from outside the city.

Below, you'll find more information about the film, available roles, and production details.

- Name

- Playing Age

- Current Showreel (or link to acting page with showreel on)

- Current City of Residence

- Contact Email and Phone Number


A grief-stricken mother, Sarah, grapples with the unbearable loss of her young child. In her desperation to feel the warmth of her child's presence once more, she seeks the assistance of an enigmatic medium, hoping to traverse the boundaries of life and death. As she embarks on this harrowing journey, her longing for one final moment of connection with her child becomes a dangerous obsession. Unwittingly, Sarah's desperate pursuit of closure triggers a cascade of supernatural occurrences. As the barrier between the living and the dead begins to blur, Sarah's world descends into a terrifying chaos. The film explores the depths of a mother's love, the pain of loss, and the terrifying consequences of tampering with the afterlife.




Any Ethnicity 

Sarah, our protagonist, is a heartbroken mother, grappling with the unbearable loss of her young child. Her world is shrouded in grief, her every waking moment consumed by the void left by her child's departure. Her once vibrant life now seems colorless, her desperation palpable. Yet, beneath her fragile exterior lies an indomitable spirit, a strength born out of her profound love for her child. This hidden resilience fuels her quest to bridge the gap between life and death, to experience the bond with her child one last time. Her journey reveals a woman of remarkable courage, willing to face the unknown for a chance to hold her child again.




Any Ethnicity 

Elaine, our film's enigmatic medium, is a woman hardened by the countless years she has spent communicating with the other side. Her long life, filled with spectral encounters, has stripped away her joviality and warmth, leaving behind a shell that is perceived as cold, harsh, and distant. Her demeanor is often mistaken for unfriendliness, but it is merely a protective layer, a result of the emotional toll her unique abilities have taken on her. Beneath her stern exterior, however, lies a deeply buried nurturing side. It's so well hidden that it's almost invisible, yet it's this hidden compassion that compels her to assist those in need, albeit with a frown and a blunt demeanor. Elaine is a complex character, a paradox of emotional detachment and hidden empathy.

Shoot Details

Filming will take place on TWO days between the 10th-12th November, subject to availability.

The shoot will be paid

Food will be provided

The film will take place between to locations. One being indoors, one being outdoors. Only the Sarah character will be required for the outdoor location. 

Variety of different backgrounds/accents are welcome when applying for the roles. 

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