SHE: See Her Empowered (2021) - Documentary
See Her Empowered. See Her Elevated. See Her Entrepreneurialism. SHE sheds light on what it means to be a female entrepreneur in 2021. Sharing stories from around the West Midlands from a range of established and emerging female-led businesses, SHE is a documentary which showcases ambitious, creative and successful women in a range of industries that continue to face barriers in their respective fields. SHE is an inclusive documentary that aims to spark conversations across areas such as gender, race and disability. CREME and Punch have co-commissioned this must-watch documentary to shine a spotlight on inspirational female-led businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands. It aims to educate, inspire and empower people around the world. Directed by Tenisha White Co-produced by Tenisha White & Daniel Alexander Films Assistant Producers Leilah Bell & Jemma Kinzett Filmed & edited by Daniel Alexander Films Co-commissioned by CREME and Punch. SHE is a part of a wider discussion around enterprise in Birmingham and the West Midlands, which began with "The P Word", a nine-month business and leadership development programme for diverse artists and entrepreneurs. Co-designed with its participants, The P Word is being led by Punch and the Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship “CREME”- at Aston Business School. For more about The P Word visit Starring Frankie Heekin & Becky Powell - BA-HA Cherrelle Skeete - Blacktress UK Naomi Spencer - Candy Bubbles Jamelia Dominique Lescott - Hairpopp Cheryl White - ACT CIC Helen Mason - Freewheelin Dance Lady Leshurr Sima Gonsai - Sima Gonsai Films Samantha Thodhlana - Bonafide Supernova Victoria Mannering - Victory Fitness Tonia Daley-Campbell Naomi Minto - Sisterhood on Wheels Special thanks Michelle Irving Victoria Tew Ayola Lee Jordan Bailey Lighthouse Young People's Centre Music Rachel Rose - Pretty Damn Special Mr Figz - Be Mine Relley C - PLT Newsletter:
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