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We are excited to begin production on our latest film venture. ‘CRADLE OF MINE’ is a short horror pilot/concept that we are producing with the intention of garnering enough attention to further produce it into a feature film. The production will take place over 2 days in the Midlands area, and all roles are PAID.


The project will be directed by Daniel Alexander Films with the intention of shooting in September. Due to the goal of the film, we are setting it in an American world, so we can only consider extremely convincing American Accents. 


To submit an expression of interest, please read the character descriptions carefully and provide us with a link to a showreel AND/OR video that clearly demonstrates your American Accent. 


We ask that all enquires and submissions are sent directly to 


Thank you in advanced, we look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Emily seeks a new start in life after losing the only family she has ever known. Her intentions are cut short after she begins experiencing paranormal occurrences which lead her to a single living relative she didn't even know existed, and after a series of life changing events, Emily quickly realises that some family secrets are best left buried. This short horror, explores the dark side of the paranormal, and takes our characters into a world full of fear and torment with everything at stake.


Sex: Female

Age: 20’s

Ethnicity: White/Mixed Heritage 

Accent: GA (General American)


Description: Emily is a strong young woman, who has recently had her whole life turned upside down after experiencing ongoing torment from an unexplained supernatural force. Not knowing what to believe anymore, she embarks on a journey to find the source of these occurrences, hoping to keep her sanity in tact in the process. An American native, Emily is a natural explorer, and tackles problems head on. A gentle soul but her adventurous spirit will take her far beyond the comforts of her own home. 



Sex: Female

Age: 30-40’s

Ethnicity: Any

Accent: GA (General American)


Description: A carer for her elderly patients of whom she has grown close to yet prides herself on providing the best level of care one could hope for. A patient and kind woman with a wealth of experience and commitment. 



Sex: Male OR Female

Age: 40+

Ethnicity: Any

Accent: GA (General American)


Description: A career spiritualist/clairvoyant who provides help for those in need of paranormal support. They work from their purpose built home, and take the supernatural very seriously. After so many years in the field, they have seen the good and the bad which has seasoned them to become very open minded to the world around them and the world beyond. They are passionate in providing a source of help for those who need it but yet weary and cautious of some of the darkness that always seems to loom near. 



Sex: Female

Age: 60+

Ethnicity: White

Accent: GA (General American)


Description: Traumatised by a life of pain and heartbreak, Elsie spends much of her time bound to her wheelchair, looking out to a world that she no longer belongs to. Although her words are few, her presence and signifiant drive the entire story, especially as she too is experiencing the same supernatural occurrences as Emily, which transform her into a very haunting individual, possessed by something that takes her to a very dark place.